Saturday, 1 May 2010

As promised I found different ways to make floating candles but most of them are quite complicated however below is my favorite and by far the easiest of all at making floating candles. You can use this method to create different shapes and sizes by simply using different containers.

Watch out for more information about floating candles on this page.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Create a Dinner Spackle using clear Bowl Floating Candle Centerpieces

When planning a special dinner for family or friends, a special touch can be added with the use of clear bowl floating candle centerpieces. If you attended some dinner meetings or pool parties, you would feel a special aura in the atmosphere, a certain glow which you found really difficult explaining because on a general look the event looked every inch similar to the others you have attended. However, taking a closer look at the environment you suddenly observe the presence of some sparkling and flickering due to floating candles. They just seem to add a subtle romantic air to the occasion.

Clear bowl floating candle centerpieces' sparkling reflections provide a certain kind of relaxed and calm state to you and your guests. The atmosphere thus enables you and your guests to enjoy each others company better. Many different designs exist in the market that you can choose from. (A quick example can be found here). A good look online can provide you with some specific ideas for your get together.

Buying a floating candle kit that has everything already in it might be the way forward for you if you don’t want to spend the time gathering all the pieces required. Also, if you feel you need a little help or you simple believe creativity is not you area search the internet would certainly provide you with some very nice kits. You may be able to find them at a local home improvement store as well.

You will find themed kits or designs online that will help you bring out the best in any event or occasion. Creating a lasting impression on guest to your occasion could be down to little tweaks and tricks that provide that extra special touch of elegance for the event. (Another quick example can be found here). That would be a plus for you and you might be surprised that your clear bowl floating candle centerpieces will be the talk of the neighborhood for next couple of days. So remember, the little things most of the time brings the most sparkle to you dinner parties or even the outdoor barbeque you are planning around the corner.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Using Floating Candles Centerpieces won’t cost you a Fortune

Our last discussion was on candles floating in water and their beauty (if you have not read that post you can read it here Candles Floating) however, today we want to confine ourselves to the containers of these candles i.e. the floating candles centerpieces.

It is a known fact that candles add a touch of elegance to any event (Check out earlier post Floating Candles Phenomena). Using floating candles centerpieces to decorate dinner tables at formal or informal events seems to be one of the most popular ideas. These centerpieces add a special feeling to a gathering especially gathering such as a huge wedding reception, a large anniversary dinner or a backyard barbecue.

Ask anyone and they would tell you how great candles are especially at evening parties and floating candles have an extra flicker that just adds something extra to the scenery. You can buy candles that reflect the theme of a gathering for a special occasion i.e. having heart shaped candles are a good idea when it comes to wedding receptions or parties while rose shaped candles do a great job carrying the mood of a romantic occasion. You can even have candles with numbers on them t celebrate birthdays or other number related occasion while there are also floating candles designed specifically for different holidays be it Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. there is always one to suit your specific needs.

Floating candles centerpieces come in different shaped and sizes to suit the different types and shapes of candles to be placed in them but you can also create your own special one for the special occasion. You can buy them in floating candles kits that come with everything you need so you don’t have to do anything except set them up. You will be surprised at how floating candles centerpieces can add a touch of class to your special occasion. Most event planners these days use floating candles centerpieces as major focal point and I believe you too can do the same.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Candles Floating Centerpieces: Adorning Outdoor Party with Elegance

Organizing a get together in your home either in your backyard or patio requires a little bit of elegance to give your party some color and candles floating in bowls as centerpieces could give you just that. It appears ordinary during day time but they light up your party tables as the evening falls. As the candles float it gives the appearance of lights flickering in the night adding a nice, lovely touch to the evening.

Using candles floating in water can be quite easy there are all sort of information online about using them and how to use them safely. One of the most important safety rules is to keep out of reach of children. Also, keeping them away from pet areas is very important.

Having candles floating in water is quite easy so far you have the right candles. You first need to get bowls large enough to contain more than one candle as you need at least three to four candles in each bowl to create a desired effect. Floating candles are sold in boxes of three or four and they are relatively cheap. You can add some artificial or natural flowers to the bowls also, but make sure the colors of the flowers match the color of the candles.

You can get floating candles in either scented form or unscented form depending on your choice but having light floral scents adds to the overall flavor of the occasion and it would be even more significant if the gathering has a romantic tone to it.

Candles floating in centerpieces provide a lovely sight and you can find a whole lot of ideas for these centerpieces themed on special events online. There are sites for floating candles in boxes, centerpieces, bowls and even floating candles all-in-one kits. The kits would definitely be more expensive than single items but the advantage is that it contains almost everything you need to make your table decorations look superb. You can also (I really recommend this) come up with your own ideas, just let your creative mind loose and you would be surprised at what you can create and achieve.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Upcoming Events on Floating Candles

Hi there,

This is just an update of what is to follow in the next couple of days on this blog about floating candles.

I have been going out to see and identify the different types and uses floating candles have been put to.

I have decided to approach this in a different way, so rather than just going on the internet and research the different uses of floating candles I will be out and about to see for myself and documenting what I have seen here in the next couple of days. Moving from weddings to garden parties observing different functions and ceremonies just to see what people make of floating candles.

Stay with me on this as I can assure you that you are in for a swell and exciting time here with me on this blog which in fact could probably be called a study or report by a fun loving young man.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Floating Candles Phenomena

The Floating Candles Phenomena
Preparing for a couple's wedding anniversary with specific instructions to try to give them something different and romantic push me into search the high street for something new and I found it there -

Floating Candles!

Well, after asking a few questions and reading the manual I decided to do a little more research into the new craze of the romantic and elegant world we live in today and my findings left me in awe and prompted me into sharing the phenomenon referred to as floating candles with you.

Floating candles have been defined according to the wiseGeek website as candles which are designed to float in water. They are molded with oversized tops and small bottoms so that they will remain stable as they burn, rather than tipping, listing, or inverting themselves.

There are a lot of different types of floating candles available in the market today and they serve different purposes. Their different uses is actually based on the creative instincts of the users since they are meant to beautify an environment there can be no specified use but dictated by the specific situation of circumstance. They can be used scattered around in a swimming pool with flowers at night creating a romantic scene, a floating candle centerpiece can be used at the dinner table, and some people had also been seen using they in gardens and at wedding parties.

The fact that floating candles have very few risks attached to it has made a favorite of a lot of people (I inclusive). They don't tip over, they burn until they are extinguished by the water (they eventually sink into the water after much of the bulk have burnt, and also been in the water mean that if positioned away from hanging flammable materials could not cause any form of fire incident.

Floating candles are the in thing for a romantic party or just to beautify your home during tea time or dinner or even when watching a film with all light out.

Don't be left out, try some today you would glad you did.